Immigration Bonds

Affordable Bails New York Inc. thru their sister company Affordable Immigration Bonds Brokerage are able to provide you with immigration bond services. We can be reached 24 hours a day at 888-932-2458. When you call it is important to be able to provide us with an “A” number and the correct spelling of the person’s name and residence address. We can usually have some released within 12 hours of completion of the immigration bond paperwork.


The immigration bond process begins with the arrest of an illegal alien by the Department of Homeland Security Immigrations Customs Enforcement, that person is then taken to a federal law enforcement station for processing and booking.


Next, the immigration bond amount is set by an immigration judge or via custody determination after an interview with the alien by a Deportation Officer. The amount of an immigration bond is determined by the Department of Homeland Security—there is no standard amount. An outside party (Indemnitor) must pay—also referred to as post or “put up”—the immigration bond. If the outside party cannot pay the full amount of the bond, they must make arrangements with an immigration bonding company.


All immigration bonds require collateral. We at Affordable can work out a plan with you to get the bond done and get your loved one home.


As a service to you free of charge here are the instructions on how to get money you have directly posted for an immigration bond.

How to Get Immigration Bond Money Back


The person who posted bond to get an alien out of detention can get the bond amount returned once the immigration case is completely resolved.


The outcome of the case, whether the alien is granted relief by the immigration judge and can stay in the United States or alternatively has been removed from the country does not matter in order to get the bond money back.


The condition for a refund for immigration bonds is that the alien has attended all scheduled immigration court hearings and notified U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “ICE “, of any change of address. If the alien failed to do so, the bond money is forfeited and kept by the government.


The Immigration Case Has Been Resolved - What's Next?


Once the immigration case has been resolved completely, the person (“obligor”) who posted the bond is entitled to get the money back along with a modest amount of accrued interest.


ICE notifies the Debt Management Center of the bond’s cancellation. The Debt Management Center then sends a notice of the immigration bond’s cancellation to the person who paid the bond. This “Notice – Immigration Bond Cancelled”, form I-391, will contain instructions on obtaining the refund. Note that it can take several months until form I-391 is received in the mail.


Once form I-391 arrives, the person who paid the bond needs to have the following documents to request the bond return:


Form I-391, the above mentioned notice about the cancelled immigration bond


The original bond receipt, form I-305


The copy of the bond contract, form I-352


Those documents need to be mailed to


Debt Management Center
Attention: Bond Unit
P.O. Box 5000
Williston, VT