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Depending on the type and gravity of the crime.

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Depending on the type and gravity of the crime, a person who is arrested, may have the legal option of buying a bail. By taking the bail, the person is allowed to go out from jail and hence can remain free, until he is required by the court for his hearing. These bail amounts are kept as a big lump sum of money, to ensure that the person will appear in court on the date he is called, and in most cases, this bail amount is then refunded to the person if he remains present for the hearing. Typically, the bail amounts are kept such that it is high enough to ensure that the person will return to the court when needed, and yet be low enough to deter the person from staying in jail.

However, in many cases, the person may not be able to pay such a huge amount as required by the justice department and has no option but to stay in the jail. There are various bail bonding agencies, lawyers and Companies, which specialize in providing different bail bonds to help such people in getting the bail. Typically, these institutions pay for most of the bail amount, about 85 percent or even more, and the person who is jailed has to just pay the remaining part. When the person appears for his hearing, since the court will refund most of the bail amount, not only do the bail bond institutions get their money back, but they also get their fees by charging the person getting the bail for their services. In cases where the bail amount is very high, the bail bond institution may also ask for a collateral, because if the person remains absent at the Court, then the money will not get refunded and the Company will make a loss.

 Like in everything else, doing proper research and looking at different options can help save money even in case of selecting a bail bond institution for yourself or your relatives. Since different service-providers charge different percentage of the bail amount as their fees, and some of them even allow 0 percent down payment, you can select a Company, which suits your requirements. However, it is good to look for the fees, hidden charges and the other aspects of the services before getting in a financial deal with the bail bond provider.

You can find the bail bond providers in your location by browsing through the local yellow pages or searching on the Internet. Searching for a term such as affordable bail bonds bail bonds will provide you with Affordable Bail Binds New York inc., a well known and reputable  bail bond provider, who provide their services in the Nassau county New York region.

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